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Monday, August 16, 2010


I went to Edmonton for the weekend.  and while I was there I took at class at Treasured memories with Lisa of You Know How I Roll.  I had SUCH a good time!  There were two other ladies in the class and it was so much fun to see how each of our projects turned out so differently.
Here is the first book:
I love her colours!

Then our second beauty:
This is so elegant.

I think it's really romantic.
In case you're wondering why I'm not giving credit where credit is due, it's cus I didn't get the ladies' permission to say their names on my blog.  I guess all you'll have to just admire their work and see how talented they are!

Here's our fearless leader Lisa.  I think she thinks I'm a groupie and I guess I am cus I think she's very artistic.  It was thanks to one of her tutorials that I actually did a self-portrait, something I swore I would NEVER do.  See, she makes the impossible possible. And that's a BIG deal, for me, who thinks I can never do anything.

Can you tell how much fun we're having?
Here's mine:

We learned how to layer and give depth to a surface, the surface being a children's board book.  I learned lots of different things, and had a blast using all sorts of goodies from Lisa's extensive stash of treasures.  I mean TREASURES! 

Here are some closer looks at some of my pages, first because it's my blog (tee hee) and second, because I'm relly pleased with how it turned out.  I wanted to come home and make another one right away, but gave my head a shake when I heard myself plotting how to get a board book from the little girl next door without her knowing, as it was Sunday and all the stores were closed.  (I should probably get some therapy.)
The photograph of the first one is a little dark.
Mr. Right.

And finally,.

That's it.  I loved the class and I love my book.
Thanks Lisa!


  1. OOOOOHHHHH.... how gorgeous, right up my alley!!! just love all your painty effects .....
    and like most things we just need to be shown !! hope you play some more..jenxo

  2. I can tell this was a fabulous class, it shows from all the wonderful projects you're presenting here - these are gorgeous. There's something so inspiring about the elegant colors and images that makes me want to ditch work (I wish I wish) and play some more in my craft room.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

  3. Wonderful work Electra you had such a great weekend :-)
    Hope your holiday has been this much fun throughout!

  4. Your book is absolutely wonderful! That looks like a wicked fun class! I love the results!

  5. Love it it is Fab, and guess what I have a children book like that sitting in my cupboard from when the boys were small... yes I know I should clean the stuff out but look! How I know why i keep that stuff so I made a book.... great idea....but I don't think its going to be as pretty as yours

    hugs wendy

  6. Oh BABY! Fantastic job on the book! I LOVE IT, I WANT IT! Oh, I think I mention that a lot on your blog, but it's true...looks like Lisa is VERY talented, as was the class, very, very, COOL! As for scamming the book from the neighbor girl, try a piece of candy....rofl...I'll then watch for you on the news.....

  7. What a wonderful time. I love your book. And you made it green. My most favorite color in the whole world. I love all the layers. Mr Right is great. You could trade some cookies for a little board book. Seems fair to me. :-}

  8. These are gorgeous, must have been a fab class as the results are brilliant. Annette x

  9. Awesome books! What a fun time this must have been!

  10. Thanks again for coming...I had loads of fun as well!

  11. Awesome book, love the colours soooo much, you clearly had a great time! wish I could go to something like this!! Margaret


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