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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grungy Monday 07

Today's post is sponsored by Tim Holt----
OK, it isn't.
I just wanted to see if you were awake.
No one sponsors my posts, just me and my cat. (who is licking my bowl clean of whipped cream as we speak)
ANYWAYS (as my mother used to say when she was not interested in my opinion)
See this?
Very GREEN, doncha think?
The background is based on a technique from the archives of Mr Tim Holtz called
Distress Ink Colour Blocking
and I'm here to tell you, a orangutan could do this technique (if s/he watched Tim's video), it's so easy.
(no slight meant to any orangutans in the crowd)
I'll bet now you want to watch the video, don't you?
Well, the link for said video may be found at Linda Ledbetter's Studio L3 in this week's GRUNGY MONDAY post.
And because it's so easy, you have plenty of time to whip something up and play along.
So get to it!
(and if someone can tell me how to spell orangutan, I'd be eternally grateful)


  1. Love you tag. I agree, orangutan easy and fast! Love these weekly lessons provided by Linda. Love your posts!

  2. Wow this is great - stunning tag and love the 'green' colours! The trees are great!

  3. I love your tag. The trees add a great dimension.

  4. I really love this tag!!! You have been creating some exceptionally fabulous stuff lately!

  5. Hey my friend, just checking up on you to see what you were up to today! Love the card and yes, now I must go watch the video...LOL
    You spelled orangutan properly! No offended orangutans in the crowd therefore.
    Hugs and have a fabulously creative weekend!
    Beth P

  6. Love all the texture in the color blocking, has kind of a rustic, outdoorsy feel!


  7. Great tag Electra! Love the tree especially. Awesome job on the colour blocking! Love your stuff! Go Canada!

  8. what a fab tag - funky and fun, the tree looks just great...very creative this week!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Sarah at 46

  9. I'm always excited to see what you come up with for Grungy Monday. As usual, it's fantastically different. Dare I say, refreshing. I love it.

  10. Cool tag. Love the design you stamped on the trees.

  11. i bet t holtz sponsors a big part of the scrapping world (or should i say we sponsor him?) love those tiny, tiny bicycles on your tag

  12. its an easy technique but very effective, love the bikes in the

  13. Fantastic color blocking, love how you layered the inks. Your tree is just groovy. Love It!

  14. I love the tag and now I want to take my slightly brighter than an orangutan self to see how this technique is done! I love how you created this tag, it looks marvelous.


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