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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Poobahs are 100!!

(Wow, is that ever old, eh?)
Er, ahem,
I think it is the 100th-Challenge of the illustrious Order of the Opus Gluei
Yessirree Bob, it is too so!
And how cool is that?
That's a lot of challenges.
I'm sooooooooo tired...............
Er, ahem, I mean,
The Challenge is to make and stuff fill a matchbox.
I made some matchboxes with the Cricut not too long ago and I almost lost my mind trying to put them together.  My fingers are just too chubby for that diddly-work.
I did manage to pour a drink though, just to help things along.
So I'm sending out a great big THANK YOU to the Matchbox-Fairy for slipping a naked matchbox into my mailbox.
You know who you are, Matchbox-Fairy.
And an even bigger
Thank You!
to Rosemary and Jana for all their creativity and inspiration over the past 100 posts. 
I love the Opus Gluei.
(and dots and runners and liquid glue honey and maple syrup and gum on the sole of your shoe and all the other sticky stuff)
Oh Yeah, here's my matchbox.
(And I do mean "Stuff")
And to whomever is going to get this,
Have a funny day or night or whatever it is where you live.


  1. Just thought I would drop by and see how things are going! Wow, a whole new blog look, which I love. Errr, uhmmm, Lucy looked REALLY hungry so I hung around for a bit and fed her, a lot! LOL

  2. HOLY MOLY, how the heck did all of THAT goodness fit into such a little matchbox, and God bless the Matchbox fairy for the gift of a matchbox to make all purty.

    This is going to be such a fun swap!

  3. Aren't you lucky to have a matchbox fairy! On my goodness, that beautiful box will be overflowing with delight!

  4. Gorgeous matchbox creation...How di you get all that stuff in there?LOL. beautiful....

  5. Oh, that is SO fun!!! Which cartridge has the matchbox cut? I might like to try that...and then pour myself a drink! HA!

  6. did you get all of that stuff in that little box? mine look empty compared to that one! love it


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