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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let there be Peace on Earth

and let it begin with me...
Is that a song?
Or do I have the words wrong?
At any rate, I've been sining it in my head ever since I saw the
challenge for this week.

I used a photo I took last year of a winter scene-it came to mind immediately-I love this photo.
I covered it with Mod Podge "Extreme Glitter" which is my new favorite toy and then stamped a sentiment and matted it all.


  1. Wow, great photo! And nice way to display it! Love it!

  2. *YES* those are indeed the words to the song... and i know this because *I* have had it stuck in my head all week too!!! (not that i'm complaining... i actually quite like it!) :)

    speaking of things i quite like--or in this case really REALLLLLLLLLLY like: howsabout that ♥GORGEOUS♥ amazing, authentic photo, snowy glittery, hand-stamped-sentiment MASTERPIECE of yours??!?! LOVE it!!!!! :)


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