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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yup, I'm on an
ATC frenzy.
After not being able to do any swaps due to my move and other assorted annoyances, I signed up for a whole
of swaps.
And now I need to make the stuff for the swaps.
what's on my workdesk.
Oooo!  There's my lens cap!
You never know what you'll find on your workdesk, do you?
Now go say Hello to Julia at
She's the brains behind all the workdesks in blogland.


  1. You have tons of fun stuff going on!

  2. Wow, there are some really cool ATCs - great work!

  3. Love all the ATC's, fantastic designs! Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    xoxo Marjo

  4. Crikey, you certainly settled into your new room with all these swaps on the go. Love your postings (been scrolling down a couple as the word "Tomato" was just visible and got me intrigued.
    Thanks for visiting me - it was Paphos in Cyprus where I was. Hugs, Neet

  5. Oh my, you are making up for lost time aren’t you!
    There’s lots happening on your desk this week, just look at all those bright colours.

    Happy Crafting!

  6. My, you are so busy there. I love that brilliant bird on the right, and the owls are very cute. Hope you get everything done in time. Thank you for popping over earlier. Your comments are much appreciated.

  7. Having been to my desk to visit, how about an ATC swap, then you can say you have something from South Africa? Even if you can't visit in real life!

  8. Bit of an iffy link for you this week - took me ages to work out why I was going back to Julia's blog! ROFL.. No-one said I was intelligent....

    A v busy desk for you but some lovely varied and creative work there.

    I rarely get round to everyone so you're not alone in your late visits! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You've been super busy! What great work....I not done any ATC's yet. Is that bad or good? Yup, I saw the lens cap too!

  10. I see some beautiful ATC's on your desk. I prefer the ones in the right corner at the 'top' of your desk. Thanks for visiting me.
    Bye, Franka

  11. I love the owl ATC's. Thanks for stopping by.
    Carol C

  12. Loving those ATC's. They look lovely. Nice to see a another busy creative desk.

    Jackie x

  13. There is alot of stuff on your desk! Some lovely colourful stuff too! Thanks for your visit.

  14. It is amazing that one looses things and they majically appear on the woyww photo ...happened to me last week.Love your ATC's ...sorry I'm late ...didnt manage so many this week.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have some lush spooky creations going on...and a LOT of swaps by the look of things!
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Wow! Your work is awesome! Hope you had a good Samhain yesterday xx


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