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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woo Hoo-53!!!

Here it is, October 18th and
I`ve completed 53 of the 100 Themes Challenge at Digital Whisper!
(and you thought I was going to say I just turned 53.  Let me tell you, I haven't been 53 for quite some time now.)
Waitaminute, you say...
And it`s October?

That's like, over half, guys!
And I have 2 and a half months left.
And I lost my job so I have time to get caught up.
Life is good.

1. In The Storm
Elements used are by Lisajen (woman's face), Finecrafted Designs,
Cemerony, Montvalent, Amanda Thorderson, Cazcastella,
Amanda Sok and
Doris Castle.

2. Hope

My own photo, textures by Kim Klassen, wordart by Amanda Sok

3. Life

My own photo, frame and wordart by Amanda Sok, texture by Kim Klassen 

and finally, Secrets

Woman by Froweminahild, my own background photo,
unknown overlay, background woman by Finecrafted Designs.

That's it.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll be working on the next 47!


  1. 100 Challenges! Too many for me...I get distracted after about 5 of anything!! GOOD LUCK on the rest.

  2. 53??? I'm lucky to complete 3 a month! (Over-achiever);-) Okay, I'm just jealous.

  3. You lost your job??? Seriously?? Wow.. that sucks! But..these pieces are WONDERFUL!


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