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Sunday, July 8, 2012


This is for the new challenge at
The photo is my own, the wordart is by Lynn Marie Favreaux
I added a few textures by Bonnie Zieman and Shadowhouse Creations and used
some papers by Lefkoi Lykoi and Keri Schuller as textures as well.

Is it hot where you are?
Do you know how difficult it is to blog and eat a popsicle
 at the same time without dripping on yourself?
Oh, you do?
Stay cool.


  1. Love, love, love the layers Electra...beautiful work!

  2. The textures that you have added here make this beautiful photo a work of art Electra- fantastic!

  3. This is lovely, I enjoyed the mood and your photography (doggone it woman, you are very multi-talented and I'm in awe).

    Very hot where we are, supposed to break this week. YAY

    I told someone the only time I want to feel that kind of heat on my face is when I'm taking a sheet of cookies out of the oven. Whew!

  4. I love what you have done to your own photo, Electra, and you will forgive me (I hope) for thinking that I am so glad that it is wintertime down here in the southern hemisphere and we are getting the only cool weather we are likely to get for a few short weeks!!
    Beautiful artwork as always.

  5. This is beautiful work and beautiful combination.
    My entry is this time an art journal on
    Lovely greet

  6. This is stunning. I absolutely love all of the texture. I hope everyone
    enlarges this to see it all.

  7. Fantastic and so elegant! Gorgeous piece! xx

  8. Great texture and I love what you have done with your photograph, Electra.

  9. What beautiful words, and how beautifully presented, Electra. It sends such a message of peace and serenity. BRAVO

  10. Beautiful layering and gorgeous treatment of your photo.

  11. Beautiful work, very subtle, don't know about a popsicle, how about blowing your nose and wiping bleary eyes, yes it is a cold. Cheer

  12. That is beautiful. I love the textures!


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