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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where'd you get your SUNTAN???

When was the last time someone asked you that very question?
What, no one has asked you that lately?
They are all sitting in their basements trying to AVOID the sun?
Not our friend Gini, in the great land of rain, the UNITED KINGDOM.
(I hear even the queen has left her bikini at the Thrift Store)
No sirree, friends, Gini is thinking sunshine


You are wondering what on earth I am talking about aren't you?
I am talking about the new challenge at
In honour of Gini's quest for sunshine, I've made a tag.
Not just ANY tag, but a tag with Gini showing us her lovely tan lines.
Well, it IS Gini, albeit the Gini in my imagination.
Or it would be Gini, if she weren't in England.
Where they rust, not tan.

If you look very closely, you'll see that 
I've even made a little towel for Gini to wipe the sweat off her fevered brow.

All of the papers used are from the new Authentique line.
Everything else is from my abundant stash, and
 my stack of (now depleted) kitchen dishtowels.

I hope you visit my friend Gini and all the other talented Poobahs at
and participate in our sunny challenge.
If you're not near a beach, Gini has a number of delightful suggestions for
your creating pleasure.
You'd be a fool to miss this one.
Even Sponge Bob will be there.


  1. Fabulous tag! I love all the 'touchables' on it!

  2. Love those bathing beauties! I have been away too's going to take me all day to catch up on your blog! Tee hee!!

  3. Delicious! The beach towel is precious, and what's a few dishcloths between friends!? Fabulous images, and is that a leather background? Altogether - wow! Thanks for your lovely comment over at Words and Pictures... I'm off to explore some more of your blog.
    Alison x

  4. The background is just embossed cardstock with some white acrylic paint rubbed on it.

  5. My email is
    I notice when I go to soartful there are no comments, so it looks like I'm not the only one unable to post.

  6. I am loving this, and the story to go with it. Gini would be a beautiful bathing beauty if she just had a chance for a bit of sunshine - she needs to send it to the U.S., we're in terrible need!

    The swim towel is so cute, I love that touch as well as the vintage/retro images - love love. And teh shells and the floaty added too! Typical Electra perfection and attention to the details that just draw the eye in and make you want to take it all in!

  7. I love all the layers of texture and color. Blessings!


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