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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Am Canadian.

That's the first line in a song, which goes on to point out all the silly things we Canadians are.
Like too polite. How we have free health care.  And have "Monopoly money"
(I was in Tijuana and gave a bill to a poor person who was begging for money 
and she threw it in the garbage.  So it's purple.  You can still buy food with it.)
And how we say "roof" when the Americans says "roof".  (I've never understood that one)  
I was in a mall once, somewhere in the States, and the clerk said "You're from Canada!"  
 I couldn't figure it out - I had just asked where the washrooms were.  
She told me that's how she knew.  I asked where the washrooms were. 
She called them "bathrooms"  Huh?
I didn't want to take a bath.

is the newest challenge at
The Order of the Opus Gluei

In other words, if you are celebrating July 4th and live in the United States,
create something for that.
Or maybe you're from the UK, or New Zealand, or "South Africa or
well, you get  it, right?

I didn't want to be too red and white.  Even though our flag is red and white.  So I did this:
but then I felt guilty, so I did this:
Too polite.
Don't want to offend anyone.
The photos are my own and the other elements are by Paislee Press 
and Monti's Pixel Playground.
Not bad, eh?
For a Canadian.

I hope you come visit us at 
The Order of the Opus Gluei
to see the wonderful work the other Poobahs have created for this challenge and of course, 
to play along with us! 

Happy Canada Day.  Or whatever you are celebrating in your neck of the woods!


  1. Happy Canada day from a Yank in the lower 48! Sending you hugs because not only is your art wonderful but so is your heart and this is a lovely post. I know, we're the brash neighbors down below but we love you guys and we'll always have your back! (we're the lovable mutts as Bill Murray said in Stripes)

    The courtesy of Canadians is legendary and all true, and I hope to get up there and see Banff again and show my husband the Canadian Rockies that I go on and on about...

  2. I love the second one so much, it's beautifully red!!
    The way you've done the same tone on all the photo's is just marvellous and striking and wonderful, did I mention how much I love this layout?!
    It's our differences that make us interesting :-)

  3. Your tribute gave me goosebumps, Electra! Thank you, I'm a proud Canadian too :)

  4. Great post, eh? (Yep, I'm Canadian, too.) Happy Canada Day!


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