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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am delighted to tell you that I have been asked to create a piece for this week's
Woo Hoo!!
The theme is 
So I have to admit, I made two pieces 
and then struggled for a few days on which one to send.
This is the first:
Elements used are by Lisa's Altered Art, Bonnie Zeiman,and Bleuesse  
Here is the second one that I eventually chose:
 Elements used are by Amanda Frijo-Tobin, Annequins,
Studio Rosey Posey, Bonnie Zeiman and Shadowhouse Creations.

I loved this challenge!!

Now mosey on over to 
to see all the wonderful talent that has taken flight! 


  1. Both are delicious, Electra. The first is full of fun and makes me smile, whilst the second has gorgeous textures and lovely colours. Loud applause from this corner.

  2. A fantastic fantasy that leads the eye on a most colorful journey!

  3. Great, great, great dear friend!
    I love both, I'm happy you've posted the two of them!
    I love your brilliant colors & all the rich details witch are you signature!
    So beautiful!!

  4. both of them are just gorgeous! what a feast of colors!

  5. They are both gorgeous, but the second one is like a puzzle, with lots of different layers and items becoming visible the more you look at it

  6. I love the little dogs all dressed up, fun!
    The one you chose is fabulous. very great work! xx

  7. Both are wonderful, Electra! Such color and energy!

  8. Oh Electra I think I'm going to split a gut over those three angels on are so funny and your art is just awesome my dear!

  9. that first one is so funny . the one you decided on so colourful and so much to see and discover love all the little details and that beautiful birdie

  10. Electra they are both fantastic, the first one made me smile, the dogs are so cute.


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