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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween continues...

I made a banner.
Ever since my friend Rosemary posted a luscious banner on her blog,
I've been making them too.
It's worthy noting that there are no children in my home, just me.
Look at my mantle.
I know, it's pitiful, isn't it.  :-)
Here's the banner.
Please keep in mind that for some unexplainable reason,
I bought a whole pad of Halloween paper and embellies last year at Mikey's for, 
like, 90% off.
I couldn't help myself.
So I HAD TO make this thing.
I know what you're thinkig. 
"Does she have a life?"
Well I do.
And I used about an hour or so of said life to make this for the mantle:
I'm done.
Until tomorrow.


  1. heck why should the kids get all the fun of halloween Electra if you want a halloween banner then I say you make one girl and enjoy looking at it ... maybe with some halloween candy it is very very boo-t-ful

    Boo! wendy

  2. I love your banner - it's great fun!


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