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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going Dotty

Rebel Challenge #16 at
is to 
 This was one of those projects where everything went wrong.

The cool image is by Suzy Toronto, 
and to give you just one little example of one little thing
 that went wrong.........there used to be a girl in the middle.
I had to cut her out.
And that was just the beginning.
I'll spare you the gory details.
Then I discovered that the watercolour pencils that I thought weren't 
watercolour pencils at all, just some lousy dollar 
store pencil crayons from when my daughter was little 15 years ago.
Are you the kind of person who throws nothing out?
Yeah, me too.
If you put a little water on lousy dollar store watercolour crayons, do you know what happens?
It gets wet.
Yup, that's about it.
Then I couldn't stamp properly. 
Hence, the extra dots.
Oh well.

I also used some Ranger distress inks, a polka dot stamp by Inkadinkadoo and a
Melissa Francis embellishment.

I do like the end result though.
I think I shall just keep growing and learning.
Just like the friend who will get this.

The moral of the story is...
Oh, who knows what the moral of the story is.



  1. Oh wow, and I though my story about the inks not matching was sad enough--you crack me up, Electra! Okay, I probably would have noticed the extra set of hands on my own, but the dollar store watercolor crayon story, that made me lol--

    "They get wet."

    Too funny!

    Your dotty card is vibrant and fabulous none-the-less, and perfect for the Rogue Redhead challenge!


  2. It did turn out great, Electra, but I enjoyed reading about your trials!xx

  3. Loved reading your story! Through all the frustration you ended up with a Fabulous card. Extra dots are always welcomed lol. Thanks for playing along at Rogue Redhead Designs :)

  4. I love your Going Dotty Background :-) great card, thanks for playing along with us at RRD, Debi x


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