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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Word

not as in "My word!!!"
Just my word for this week at

My word is, well, try to guess...
 Can you guess?

You HAVE TO check out the art this week.
See you there.

And thanks for stopping by!
credits:  Captivated Visions, Studio Rosey Posey, Tangie Baxter


  1. CREATE....A good word for a CREATIVE week.

  2. Fabulous CREATIVE take on the challenge and great selection of the word CREATE because you certainly know the definition and you illustrate it so beautifully.

  3. Your CREATION is gorgeous. So much elements to visualise it!

  4. Such a beautiful piece to illustrate your Creativity! xx

  5. No, haven't a clue, I'll need another hint, haha!
    This is super-excellent, I'm just going to run off and do whatever the word is.

  6. I create therefore I am is a fantastic sentence. Gorgeous work again!

  7. Nope. Just can't guess what your word would be! Heehee, only joking, this is just so wonderfully creative, Miss Electra, it speaks for itself.

  8. Your collage is such a great joy to look at, with so many details.
    Best wishes, manus

  9. I think most of us who respond to art challenges should frame this and hang it over our work area! It is such a perfect expression of our urge to create, Patti! Beautiful work...well done!

  10. So wonderful! To create is to breathe. Your collage illustrates it beautifully.

  11. Aaaaaah, my friend, you're really unique; you know that!? This one is excellently created and perfectly expressive! I adore it!

  12. Your creative take on things makes me smile, there is such exuberance in your work, it is contagious and I ventured into the crafty fortress of solitude because of it!


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