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Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekend Reflections

I really like this site, cus it's a glimpse into
other people's lives around the world.
And I'm snoopy that way.
This shot?
I think it's close to Banff,
but I'm not positive.  I've been just
getting in my truck and driving down backroads,
with camera in tow.
Pretty much my favorite way to spend a day.
It's good I have a 4x4 though,
or I'd still be stuck somewhere.
We've had a record-breaking snowfall this year to date.

I hope you're staying warm where you are.
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Dear Electra, your photo is out of this world gorgeous. Our God is a master artist and you captured the beauty of His creations to perfection :) Thanks for visiting.
    I've put your name in the hat for the give-a-way.
    Good luck and keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. wow, you've captured a stunning setting! I woke to frozen pipes this morning, first time for that since moving here in 2002, not a happy discovery!

  3. A wonderful winterly photo! So beautiful!

  4. Yes, a captivating Wintery shot indeed; perhaps a preview of what I am about to experience? - in a few weeks' time I shall be leaving behind for a month South Australia's temperatures in the high 30sC and "embracing" the icy cold climes of Canada..... so looking forward to it! (Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy New Year to you)

  5. Gorgeous photo… hope you are cozy some place tonight.

  6. It must cool to have a pic-nic there in summer... But for now it looks a bit cold to me !


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