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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Four Fill-In fun

The statements:
  1. I __ when I ___
  2. ___ are my ___ fruit
  3. ___  is my favorite part of summer
  4. _____ helps me relax
My Answers:
      1.  I smile when I see my grandson.
      2.  Granny Smith Apples are my favorite fruit.
      3.  Time away from work is my favorite part of summer.
      4.  Prayer and meditation helps me relax.

Why don't you join in this week?

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday Four Fill Ins


  1. Miss this week but enjoyed your answers. Grandkids do tend to make us smile. Oh Granny Smiths are so tart but sometimes that's a good thing. Any time away from work no matter what season is a good. Prayer works wonders.

  2. Definitely enjoy time away from work, no matter the season!


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