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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two for the Three Muses

Merry Christmas!

Well, not exactly.
Stay with me.
You'll get it.
I created a piece for this week's theme at 

BUT, I also made another piece with TWO photos...
 in case you STILL don't get my point,
I give you the second of TWO Layouts...
Make sense now?

Having expressed my considerable frustration with life in general for the moment...
Here is what I originally made.

But Hey.
The Three Muses

credits: Itkupilli, Dawn Inskip

Thanks for coming by!  I will be by to see you soon!
And stay warm, wherever you be.


  1. The bottom one really made me smile. Great fun! I agree about winter. I don't see any reason for it!

  2. I had to laugh when I read your post so funny, but agrees winter we can do without, too cold, your collages are so well made, love the colors, wonderful work.

  3. haha, i can easily laugh here in my warm house... do you mean you have snow already? where the hell do you live??? but i love the humor you handle it...

  4. Did it really snow in your corner of the world??
    Your layouts are always so well done anyway...
    I adore your TWO little bizarre princesses my friend! )
    Much kisses and keep warm. <3

  5. I love the original piece, and I totally identify with the snow rant! The Farmer's Almanac promises an unusually snowy winter this year, starting early. (sigh) I thought last winter would never end. The first snow is beautiful to see, and after that it all seems totally unnecessary!!

  6. I am laughing but yup you do live in that world of snow already.

    I enjoyed all your work for today. As usual.

    Mine is up.

  7. Well you can keep the snow! I love your efforts however, especially the last one! Great work! xx

  8. I live in Canada, at the foot of of the mountains. We had a freak snowstorm and extreme damage to all our old trees. Emergency services warned us to look UP instead of AHEAD if we were out walking, as tree branches were crashing down everywhere from the heavy snow. It was bizarre. At work two of our trees were decimated and we were without power all day. It's sunny again now, thank goodness and the snow is all gone. We called it Snowmageddon!


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