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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Earlier tonight I had my Adobe Editor, Adobe Organizer, Outlook Express and 5 different webpages open.  And YES, I was doing something with all of them.  and YES, I've done this before with no problem.
Not so tonight.  No, tonight, my idiot computer decided to speak French again and I couldn't finish the post I was in in the middle of, with 4 pictures already uploaded.So.  I had to close all eight activities I had going on, plus dump my in-the-middle-of post, with 4 pictures-already-uploaded, and shut the darn puter down and start all over again.
I wish I lived in Argentina.  They don't speak French there, generally, do they?
I am SO not on a pink cloud.

I was so miffed, I refused to do my post again and instead wandered around in Blogland.
NOW Blogger tells me I am not signed in, but if that's true, how can I be posting this???
I'm over it now, but I'm going to continue to party hearty with these folks:


So there.  Humphf.


  1. This ATC is fabulous! I'm sorry you are having computer troubles! I hate that! That's why I have a Mac at least they come along less often with those!

  2. Fabby ATC, and I didn't see your computer whizz by my window, so it must still be on your desk.... they're great when they work...

  3. You obviously possess a multilingual computer, how posh is
    Terrific ATC, love it. Annette x

  4. Very nice !! Sorry about your computer troubles though :(

  5. your much braver and smarter than I, its hard enough having one window open much less multiple ones!


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