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Monday, August 2, 2010

And then there were none

Beth over at Crazy4Art4u is having her first giveaway.  You have to tell her what "and then there were none" means to you.  I find this intriguing.  What does this mean to me?  Well, I would love to tell you that it speaks to me of fairies and hovering blimps and flowers and poetry.  NOT.  What it makes me think of is the song "99 bottles of beer on a wall".  How embarrassing.  Oh well, my philosophy is "the truth shall set you free."  And that's the truth.  that's what I think of.  Deep, huh?
Beth doesn't know yet what exactly she's going to give away, but that isn't really important to me, I just think her premise is fun.  Maybe you will too.
Go visit her, tell her you sent me.  Tell us what this means to you.  It will be more esoteric than what I've come up with, undoubtedly.  How could it not be?  lol
Can you hear me humming it?  99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.....


  1. FUNNY! Now that song is in my head..

  2. LOLOLOL, too funny! I see we think alike!

    I thought of "Ten L'il Kids Sleepin' in a Bed," if that's any consolation to you

  3. Hi Electra, thanks bunches for adding a post about my giveaway! I am hoping to have pictures up by tonight (Tues. 8/3) of the giveaway. I am also glad you let me know of the trouble finding a way to email - my email button isn't working apparently and I can't figure it out so I have just made it possible to email me when one visits my profile. Sorry about that. The growing pains of a first giveaway... :D You are entered and someone from your blog has already come over also so girlfriend you are racking up the points as we speak :D


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