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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you ever put things off?

Well, I did.  Seriously.  Put off sending in five years worth of professional credentials and now all five years are due next Monday and I havne't even done them.  Yes, you are supposed to keep up with these, but who has the time? I mean there are so many other WAY MORE FUN things to do.  Well, the bad news is that if I don't get them done and in the mail by Saturday, they could conceivably take away my license to practice.
THAT, my friends, is why I do not YET have any more pictures of our zipline adventure to show you tonight.
In fact, if you REALLY want to know how serious this is, I'll have you know that outside my studio window are this year's International Fireworks Competition taking place and I CAN SEE THEM FROM MY STUDIO!  I have never missed going to these. But yes, folks, it's true, I have my blinds drawn and have not watched.  Is that self-control or what?  Yeah, right, if I had self control, I wouldn't have put myself into this situation.
So please be patient with me, I will get back on track.  In the meantime, here are some pics from our trip.  Just not anything to do with ziplines.  Feeling sorry for me yet?  Nah.  It's OK.  I didn't expect you would.
She says as she smacks herself in the forehead, saying "you dummy" over and over and over again.

First, we have Glacier National Park.  Pretty, eh?

Next, here are some examples of this guy's art-his entire yard is full of these treasures and we drove by a few times, wondering what it all was.  Finally we went in and asked him.  He is an artist, and was rebuilding his house, which had just burnt down.  So he had his little girl Luna show us around.  It was a magical place and she was a magical little girl.

A barn (complicated description, don't you think?)

We found this field of wildflowers against a backdrop of trees which had obviously been in a fire-my daughter heard a really strange howl and urged (no, make that ORDERED) me to get in the truck and as I did, a coyote ran by where I had just been.  Normally, I don't mind coyotes, but not in the middle of nowhere and not when we hear what quite possibly could have been his lunch calling us.
I owe her one.

Are ya sick of me yet?

You always have to end with a sunset, right?  If we hadn't spent so much time is fields of widflowers and side-stepping coyotes (OK, that's BS), we would have been home before this sky happened.

And that would have been a travesty



  1. Wow stunning photos and I love that man's glass art!
    Hope your back on track with your credential application now :-)

  2. Absolutely stunning photos, and Glacier is my next place to visit... have fun getting together all that info....

  3. Beautifully inspring. THANK you for sharing. It's been years since I visited Glacier, but, it moved me to tears with its awesome power!

  4. Good luck with your paperwork.. But your photo's are amazing - what an awesome planet we live on. The sunset was defninetely la piece de resistance!

  5. Those are some great shots! Hope the paperwork all worked out for ya!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. It's important to stay up to date. A pain in the @$$, but necessary.


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