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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Halfway through the workweek today. Well, at the start of halfway through actually. I had a full 8 hours sleep last night, feeling better than yesterday, and better than the day before that. It seems like the day's success is often contingent on whether or not I get enough sleep. But then, it's always been that way. I fell asleep at my desk yesterday, only momentarily, but did that snap of the head you do when you nod off. THAT's why I went to bed early last night.
I'm waiting for my photos to be ready from Future Shop. I didn't get all of Cuba done, but enough that I can put together pages for the Okotoks Crop on the 14th. I could take the Fhantasea album too, maybe I will. I'd like to get that done. It just needs putting together, not a big deal. Or maybe I should do my travel album for Bliss. Lots of options, I guess, there is never a lack of something I want to work on. Too bad I have to go to work every day. Oh well, that's what I'm doing now...

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