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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had the day off today, scrapbooked until 1 AM this morning, not so smart, I was tired all day. Spent a few hours at Scrapyard, but then a couple of women came and talked and talked and talked, I swear I've never heard anyone talk so much. They barely even stopped to breathe, they took fast gulps of air and talked right over top of each other! They were making me nuts, I left and went to Arby's to get some peace and quiet. As I was leaving, the owner came up to me and made a face, she felt exactly the way I did. She suggested we stab them in the neck with a paper piercer. I finally just left. No sense in going to jail for them.

I bought myself a purple hat for my "Red Hat" antics. It's quite ladylike, unlike anything I've ever worn before. If I'm embarrassed to be seen, I can pull it down over my eyes and no one will know it's me. The cook called, she's still sick and will be sick tomorrow as well. I'll have a busy day tomorrow, better go to bed. Goodnight.

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