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Monday, November 16, 2009


I have no sheets on my bed. The sheets are in the laundry. My bedroom is on the second floor. The dryer is in the basement. That is two, count em, two floors down.
Shall I simply go to bed and get the sheets tomorrow? Or shall I do the right thing and go downstairs, all the way down two flights of stairs, to get them?
I'm leaning towards no sheets. It's not like anyone would know. Well, yes, YOU'LL know, but you'll keep it to yourself, won't you? I trust you, after all.
I live alone... No child to impress, to husband to complain...It's unlikely there will be a fire tonight and even if there were, I doubt the firemen would really care THAT much if they rushed upstairs to put the flames out and discovered I am sleeping in a bed with no sheets. (Ooooh, firemen are SO hot.)
I'll bet elephants don't worry about sheets on THEIR beds.
Stay tuned.

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  1. oooooohhhh, firemen! No, I know/knew you'd cave and make that bed! I'd have done the same thing! It's the responsible gene in us!


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