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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes, I did.

I caved. I went down and got my sheets and made the darn bed. My mother's voice was in my ear and she wouldn't shut up! We all know the kinds of things she was could you, have you no shame, yada, yada, yada.
I slept well last night.
This LO was taken in the Grand Canyon during a Canon photography class one morning.
We got to try out their equipment (Yes!) and had the benefit of a cute instructor.
He told the girl to leap and leap she did. I think she had such an easy time of it, jumping so high because the day before, we finally did some laundry. Laundry when you're on the road is a big deal. Trust me, a BIG deal. So she is really jumping for joy that we had some clean clothes. (Note the laundry line at the bottom of the page.)
Laundry. It seems to be the flavour of the day. Let's hope I've got it out of my system by the next time I post. :-))

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  1. Oh that's cute, the little laundry line is a nice touch! Yes, my mom hated having to do laundry for 7 on the road but wow, when it was done she was so happy!


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