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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What's the deal with weather? I always seem to want it to be different. It was 114 degrees in Vegas this summer-too hot. We were a few miles away from a tornado near Denver-too wet. A few years ago, there was a twister not far from us in Brooklyn-I was bitching about the humidity. And tonight it's SO Cold out! Although a month from now it will be 40 degrees colder, so heaven only knows what my problem is. Still I whine. In a couple of days I'll be up north in Edmonton, wonder what I'll complain about there? Naaaah, the hotel has a sauna. :-)
This photo was taken two summers ago in Newark. It rained EVERY SINGLE DAY (there I go again) except the afternoon of the seaside wedding we went to. It was perfect! So why should I complain? Because I do, that's why. It gives my life meaning. tee hee

BTW, isn't that a terrific umbrella? I spotted that in Orillia, Ontario. On a bright sunny day.
Go figure.


  1. I love that umbrella! This is a great layout, you are always so fresh and fun to read!

  2. I read the other ones lol. Great work mom!

    I think that it would bother the firemen tho if there was a fire and no sheets. But high five for going to get them. :D

    Love you :)


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