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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More of 100 Themes

I need to post some more of my digital pieces for the Digital Whisper 100 Themes challenge, cus my desk is overflowing with little pieces of paper........never mind, I just need to........

Oh, wait!  I will say before I begin that I figured out how to make my own photo masks!
Whistle, Clap, Cheer, Electra!!!




and Happiness
OK, I'm done.

Now for the little scraps of paper:

Eyes-my own photo, word art by Amanda Sok, swirls and flower brushes by Coby17, assorted unknown textures
Heaven-my own photo of our Mormon Tabernacle (and no, I'm not Mormon), Internet image of Jesus' eyes (and no, I'm not Christian), wings by k2idlo, hearts and wings by Syndee Nickles, assorted unknown textures
Soft-image of woman by MissCarriage, border by correensilke, background by Vinnie Pearce, bubble brush by titoff77, and I made my own photo mask out of a frame by House of 3.
Male-male images by Dezinaworld, Lisa's Altered Art and Google, image of fighting men painted by Dante, theatre and valance by Holliewood, unknown texture
Home-my own photograph, family by Lisa's altered Art, lantern, shelf, lamp, bear, and coffee table-unknown, couch by cajoline, unknown frame, pant and pear by Holliewood, some unknown textures and some textures by Kim Klassen, valance by Fiddlette, background by Catherine Designs
Time-my photo, my negative, clock brush by charlie54, brush stamp by Fiddlette, paper by Amanda Sok, unknown bird brush
Happiness-my photo of girl, mannequins by Beth Rimmer, background by Createwings Designs, unknown birds, bluebird and sequins by the Gilded Bee, wordart by Danielle Donaldson



  1. WOW! you have been a busy bee! great stuff

  2. WOWsers. These are ALL fabulous. Each and every one. Love your style and your thinking.

  3. All absolutely amazing! Fun, whimsical and beautiful. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog and yes, that is my flower garden. It brings me such joy!

  4. Wow!!! You are doing amazing work and each of the themes! Provo! Clap! Clap! My favorite is "Male"...Awesome!

  5. Fun, fun, fun- you are on a roll- beautiful creativity. Love them all!


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