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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have a routine now.

Saturdays I try to do up some fun challenges.  That's what I did today, after spending 5 hours in the great outdoors taking 400 (count em) 400! photographs.  It is to-die-for gorgeous out there today.  Not warm-gorgeous, PRETTY gorgeous.  See?
Look at the size of this hoarfrost!

Is that cool or what???
I have to tell you tho, I had on two pairs of pants, three tops, my coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots. (and socks and underwear, but you don't need to know that)
OK, back to my routine that I came to tell you about.
I got some things made today.
Peggy gave us this AWESOME image:
I LURVES this image.
So I proceeded to make something with it, nothing particular in mind.
I also have this great image by frozenoverstock of Deviant Art:
Are you with me?
So I played around and eventually, the eggs disappeared and
kind of melted into the other image. 
But I don't have a picture of that.  :-(
THEN I decided that since Peggy mentioned
in her post, I thought I should do something eggy.
which led to the Easter bunny coming around the corner. 
I don't have a picture of that either. 
 :-(   But the Easter bunny is by Lisa's Altered Art.
THEN I thought there should be a big egg.  And a chicken sitting on it. 
 I don't have a picture of that either.  :-( 
Is anyone sensing a pattern here?
Both the egg and the chicken (or it may be a rooster, I don't know) are by Lisa's Altered Art.
And since I was on a Lisa's Altered Art roll, I added one of her little boys, who is not convinced. 
Convinced of what?  you ask.
I DO have a picture of that.

And THAT, my friends, is what I made for Friday Foto Collage
I never meant to tell you the whole story, otherwise I would have had pictures. 
Oh well, you get the picture.


  1. I love it!!!!
    I love your mind!!!!
    thanks for the inspiration with your art!!!!!!!

  2. Oh wow! What an awesome transformation!

  3. Wow. wow. wow. Unbelievable work, gf! So cool!

  4. EXCELLENT - LUV IT. hahahah
    Pretty fine piece of work and your photos are just FAB

    Ike xx

  5. fabulous you are soooo talented my lovely friend x

    chriss x


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