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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Opus Challenge #111

My friend Gini says:
"Oh I do love to be by the seaside and all things fishy"
You will have to go visit
to hear all the deets.
I promise you, you will not be disappointed with either Gini's post,
nor the lovely pieces created by the Poobahs.
And you will want to create your own wet masterpiece.
Possibly even with a Kraken.
(Gini will want to see that)
This is mine.
Does the dog look happy?
Not really.
But when you live in the iddle of the prairies, and you find water, you HAVE TO go in.
It's just the way it is.


  1. Terrific scrapbook page and a wonderful LO. Enjoy the weekend Electra. x

  2. This page is great! that summer type of fun! we too are in the flat lands, but our lakes are a little closer than that, as you know...but this one looks cleaner ;)

  3. Oh what a wonderful layout, there is a beach called Barricane Beach at Woolacombe in North Devon that looks just like your beach shot from the top of Barricane beach. We have spent many a happy day on that particular beach. Your photo is fabulous and you all (apart from the dog) look like you had a FINatstic day there.
    I'm so glad to see such dedication to the OG poobahship :-)

    I Wonder if anyone out there is dedicated enough to tackle a Kraken. Would a wetsuit be enough or maybe a submersible would be safer?
    Maybe a wetsuit decorated with stickles would be distraction enough for the Kraken but probably not enough to meet Health and Safety Regulations...
    You can be sure the EEC (European Economic Community) will have health and safety regulations twice revised as footnotes for the safe handing of Kraken's :-)

  4. Or even safe handLing of Kraken's.
    (I don't even want to contemplate what handing a Kraken might involve LOL!)
    OMG I'm just going to get my hat...

  5. Electra, this is a gorgeous layout. I agree, if I lived in the prairies and then found water, I would HAVE to go in too. This looks like a gorgeous beach.

    I'll go Kraken hunting with Gini, are you in???

  6. Lol its so fun. love the pic of the dog, yeah i am never sure if mine is happy in water lol
    have a lovely week
    hugs June xxxxx

  7. Not many people would be as devoted as you, Electra, to go off and force themselves to have a family day in the water. I thought the doggie looked like he was having fun!

    Wonderful layout, I love the background photo as it sets off the family pics beautifully!

  8. Also, if anyone is going to wrangle a Kraken, please don't stop by my home!

  9. This is a beautiful scrapbooking page. I love the photos. Everyone, including the dog do look like they are having a wonderful time.


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