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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Notice my post title?
It's not WOYWWED.
Where IS your Workdesk Wednesday?
(I didn't want to be left out.)
That's because so far there is nothing on my workdesk, but the studio has new flooring and has been painted and I've built (as in IKEA-built) all my new furniture.
Notice how nice and clean it all is?
(Except for the cords under the computer, but I haven't been able to get on line yet,
so that's why THAT is a mess.)
Well, here's the deal.
By next Wednesday, there should be something new on my desk, something creative.
I feel like I've been in withdrawal, not being able to create anything, for one reason or another.
The dry spell is over.
BTW, this is my current studio, not the one I'm moving into in October.
I hope you visit Julia at The Stamping Ground for more interesting workdesks.


  1. Oooh, all that space and possibilities!! You are going to have such fun in your new studio! xx Look forward to seeing all the results :D Hugs, LLJ xxx

  2. Lucky you. It looks like you have a lovely space to work in. Have fun getting creative. Kate x

  3. Wow! I like that space! Next week there will probably be something on the desk.:>)

  4. Wow, spiffy new studio digs! I am studio is a complete disaster area after the mother of all garage sales. Sorry to hear about your computer trouble...seems like this summer was the summer for lots of us to have computer issues...*sigh* So, now I know why I haven't seen your smiling face over at my blog...come by for a visit when you can and get giggle at the chaos currently residing at my house!
    I really do love you new creative space...
    Beth P

  5. If this is your new "old" one, I can't wait to see the one you move into in Oct. This room is awesome with loads of space and light. You'll be crafting in no time, I'm sure. Happy day after WOYWW.

  6. Very nice looking furniture! So you have to move that again? Yikes. Well, it looks fabulous!

  7. Very inspiring to see all the bottles and colours!
    Have a great creative week!
    SusanLotus WOYWW nr 93

  8. Awesome workspace! Love the units, wish there was an Ikea in South Africa. Untill then DH will have to do.
    Happy WOYWW

  9. That floor is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new studio, my sweet friend.

  10. Lovely light room and you look like you have plenty of storage to play with!! The wiring behind my desk looks exactly like yours but i have no excuse.... :(

  11. You have my floor!! When you come for a visit, you'll feel right at home, except that my studio (OOOO I love that word)is a million times messier than yours. Its not called the "Busy Room" for nothing!! I had to fight to keep my floor just boards (not nice floating floor like yours) in the BR so that I could sweep it easily. Well, that's what I said at the time, but sweep? With a broom? No way.

    Anyway I love your clean clear space and I hope you fill it up again really quickly.

  12. It's so neat, clean and tidy, my craft room hangs its head in shame (hee hee). Well, I know you and you will be filling it full of wonderful projects that I can't wait to see!


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