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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shape up for the holidays

I've been really busy fixing up my condo to sell, while my daughter is here to help me.
So I'm hardly getting anything made these days.
BUT I got a few things done and this Christmas card is one of them.
It's for the
which I adore and try to participate in every week.
The challenge is to involve a shape.
The trick is using your friend's borrowed Cricut and making this card in 10 minutes flat.
Now THIS is my kind of Christmas card!  lol
Thanks for looking!


  1. 10 minutes??!?!?! seriously??!?!? i cannot chose PAPER in 10 minutes, but am in awe of ppl who can and further go on to make a glorious and elegant shaped card with it!!! ♥LOVING♥ this in a big way... reallllly lovely!

  2. Selling your condo? Where have I been? Where are you going? (hey, I still get 17 more questions)

    Okay, that's for later.

    Your card is AMAZING - striking, graphic, just perfect and the shape too! Which cartridge is this? I probably have it and have forgotten about it. So, do you want a Cricut yet? I love mine!

    I think it is so cool you're hanging with the Jingle Belles too!!!!

  3. and I'm insanely jealous that you made this lovely card in 10 minutes. That's about how long I take staring at the manual and the overlay!

  4. I'm with Rosemary on the 10 mins to look through the manual! he he! this is great! well done you!

  5. Huh? Quit throwing stuff like that at us at the last minute, would you? lol! You're moving? Out of the country? Witness protection? This card is fabulous by the way, and I would have thought just by looking at it that it would have taken at least two hours.

  6. What a fantastic color combination ... so regal and elegant ... and I love the embossed texture ... so glad you squeezed in a little jingle belles fun ... amazing what a gal can do in 10 minutes :)

  7. Wow! This is a work of art. I love the color combo. and the fact that you were able to do this when trying to work on your house. Perfect.

  8. This card is beautiful! I can't even gather my supplies in 10 minutes. You are a Master Creator., my friend.


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