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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A quick Note

to let you know my computer has crashed and so I won't be able to post until it's fixed.
I'll miss everyone until then.


  1. Oh no !!! I fed lucy for you hopfully you will be back soon hugs wendy

  2. Well, that sucks! We'll miss you! Hope it goes well!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry. I will miss and be here when you return.

  4. Boy do you have my symphathy. Been there done that and spent this entire evening just rebuilding my 'blogs i follow' on my favorites list. I lost everything on my computer and didn't have a back up less than 6 months old (external) and my hard drive was fried. Lost nearly 5000 pics, clip art, headers, etc. etc. etc. Learned my lesson, as I have been rebuilding I am copying to cds, making paper copies of my favorite collages etc. I have even copied my favorite blog addresses in a notebook. I just don't even trust electronic any more. Good luck, you will survive even if you lose everything.

  5. Oh nooooooooooo, this will not do. Okay, deep breaths apparently are needed here as well. I hope this is resolved for you soon.


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