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Sunday, May 26, 2013


So here's the thing.
When I was a little girl, I loved a series of books about
Pookie The Wonder Rabbit
Pookie was the most wonderful winged 
rabbit in the world and he (or she?  I never knew) 
got into and out of the most amazing situations.
For years I have been asking folks if they knew of Pookie,
but alas, no one had.
until now!
My good friend Carole was over one day, sharing
some digital files with me, and 
lo and behold,she had some covers of the Pookie books! 
I was so excited, 
I had to use one of the covers in my Bubbles piece for
the Take A Word challenge this week.
 The Pookie books are written and illustrated by Ivy Wallace.  
I used one of her covers for the background.

Other credits belong to:Theresa Kavouras, Joanne Brisbois,
and Kim Klassen

I also made another piece, cus I was outside playing with the 
bubble juice I bought for my grandson.

It was so funny watching him try to catch the bubbles 
and of course, they would burst.
 After a number of tries, he just threw his hands up as if to say,
"I give up!"
Are they born with that gesture???
My photo and additional elements by Maya de Groot and Holliewood Studios.

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  1. I didn't know Pookie, it's sweet! Your grandson is adorable.

  2. Wow! I love all of the pictures - the Pookie Rabbit masterpiece (great bubbles), your gorgeous little grandson trying to pick up the bubbles (that must be torture to a small child) and the colours in the last one are superb. Seriously great artwork!

  3. all of these are so awesome!!
    i hope the nose of the witch won´t poke the bubbles...;)

  4. Amazing work!I always like what you present us every Sunday. You never fail to surprise me with something brilliant!

  5. I love your color palette and the somewhat sinister image paired with the bubble bunny magic!

  6. Beautiful pictures Electra but of course the best one is your darling Grandson! xx

  7. What fun! Pookie is adorable, but not so adorable as your grandson. What a cutie!! Bubbles are magic for ALL ages, I think! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Three wonderful pieces, your Pookie bubbles are fantastic and your grandson so cute.

  9. Wow you out did yourself each one of your pictures is special in a different way and each one is fabulous!

  10. Wouaouh, such a beauty everywhere in your art!
    The little bunny and Logan have took my heart! :)

  11. LOL...never heard of Pookie...till now! Wonderful layout, and your grandson is growing so fast, and he is SO cute!

  12. Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful!


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