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Monday, May 13, 2013

Merry and Bright

This is my card for this week's
I haven't participated in the Jingle Belles challenge for EVAH!

I hope to see you there admiring all the other cards, as I plan to do.


  1. Very jolly! Love the patchwork background too. Roll on Christmas!

  2. wow very colourful and warm°
    Just love it
    XOxo SanDee1899

  3. Well, I guess it doesn't come much brighter than that! Wow!

  4. So awesome to see your wonderful creation at jingle belles ... all of those *bright* colors really made me smile.

  5. now *THAT* is a MERRY AND *BRIGHT* card by anybody's standards!!! it's also a fun, fab, awesome, totally creative, amazingly wonderful, super-cool card by anybody's standards!!! (but then i could have just said, "well ♥ELEKTRA♥ made it!" for the last part... b/c it's absolutely ALWAYS true! so happy you are JINGLING with us... always makes my day, missus!!! ♥♥

  6. I so want to play on this challenge! I love how you used the bright theme to create this card, it is super fun and very very vibrant, I'm loving it!

  7. that is a gorgeous design full of lovely bright, happy colours!


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