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Sunday, May 26, 2013


The Belles at
have asked us to
Tie A Holiday Ribbon around the Christmas Tree!
(sung to the tune of Tie a Yellow Ribbon...........)
I have this spectacular ribbon that I got on sale after Christmas at Mikey's
(you know, those 70% off sales that you buy a lot of stuff you never use?)
and I used some of it.
Yeah, I used, what 5 inches of it?
Argh, what else am I going to use it for..............

Check out the other ribbons fantasmagorial Chrismas cards at
and maybe even use up some of your own 70% off ribbon!


  1. A big woot woot for using neglected supplies (especially those ribbon buys ... I am guilty of the same) ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  2. your ribbon is really gorgeous and what a great design to showcase it

  3. well, i think once everyone sees this gorgeous card they will ALLLLLLLLL want one, so you will use up that gorgeous ribbon... 5 inches at a time!!! (no seriously, i ♥LOVE♥ this missus! and i'm always psyched to see your name in the link list at JINGLE BELLES!)


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