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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inchies-changing of Seasons

I have some really good friends with whom I have been exchanging Inchies.
I like Inchies.
I could make Inchies all day.
If I didn't have to work.

First, we did SUMMER:
and now we're doing AUTUMN:
 I'll see you when the snow flies.

Have a funny day.
Unless you have other plans.


  1. Totally love your Inchies. I see a Single Flower there, fourth row down, and what could be more minimalist than an Inchie.

  2. These are so totally cool! Tiny little pieces of art!

  3. Eep. I love these. I am so excited with our little inchie swap too. These are so very awesome. Especially the owl.


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