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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Foto Collage

Isn't she cute? She's the image I've used from Friday Foto Collage this week.
is her re-incarceration.
In case you think I don't care about my blog anymore, I will tell you that for the last week, I have been 1000 miles away from home, dealing with some family stuff.  I fly home this evening, so the plan is to get back on track blurfing at all my friends' blogs.
Until then................ 


  1. Brilliant!!!!!!!
    Your creativity and sense of fun are wonderful!!!
    take care!!

  2. Very cute! I do hope that all is well with you and your family. Glad to hear you will be back soon!

  3. Love this SUPER kid. Very creative. Hope things are getting back to normal for you.

  4. I do hope everything is okay and that the family is alright and doing well. I look forward to reading your blog again!

  5. Love it! She really has that devil may care look about her.. lol.. hope things are well, hmmm. 1000 miles you say? You aren't in Illinois, are you? lol....

  6. Oh, Electra, I hope all is going to be okay and that you're doing all right.

    SUPER tot is adorable!

  7. Thanks for the blog comments. Next time you're in town email me for coffee. If you like to trade ATC we trade the first Saturday of the month 10-12pm in Pitt Meadows at a great little stamp shop.

  8. LOL...This is wonderful! You come up with the funnest themes in your art. I love her.


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