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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been struggling to decide on my word for 2011.  Meditating about it, arguing with myself about it, debating, blah, blah, blah.
Last year's was "mindfulness" and about the only thing I was mindful of was my art.
Well, and the world around me, details about that.   Both of which I appreciate and am grateful for. Not so much about my health or my spirituality.  Which was kind of the plan.
So, long story short, I've chosen "Kindness".
Kindness in the sense of being kind to others.  In the line of work I do, kindness isn't the most important quality I must possess. (In fact, there are times when the opposite is called for.) It is, however, an asset, and when I AM mindful (lol) of that, the benefits are many.  Being more kind to the clients, to my staff, kinder to my colleagues.

This past year, I've made a decision to try to smile more.  At strangers.  Not just people I know.
And it changes everything!  (Well, OK, maybe you all know that already, but it's news to me.)
Kinder to those I love and those I don't love, and maybe most importantly kinder to myself.
I want to take better care of myself,
quit being so hard on myself, accept myself, laugh at myself more.

But baby steps. 
I won't be kind to EVERYONE.
See, it's already working.
Wish me luck.

(PS, the dog's name is Fala and she's one of my grandbabies.  Isn't she sweet?)


  1. Great page and really awesome food for thought :)

  2. that is a good choice for a word. mine is release...sounded good at the time, but hard to step at a time i guess....keep up with yours for sounds nice

  3. Love the layout, your grandkid is really cute! lol! And very good word to choose to practice for the year.

  4. we all need to do this but I agree sometimes it's hard to smile at everyone.. you always make me smile....:) :) :):):) just a few smiles for your day ... hugs wendy

  5. I think that is a wonderful word and your layout is fantastic!

  6. Good luck!!!! It is a good choice of words!

  7. Kindness is a perfect word as well as the knowledge that it can't always be used. ;-)

    Your grandbaby is too precious. I love the entire layout.

  8. Great choice for your word.
    I had not heard of this one word start to the new year and think it is such a good idea.

    I read years ago an idea that really does work.
    When you start to rant at yourself over something you've done or haven't done, stop and think of what you would say to a dear friend if they came to you and said 'OMG I've done such and such'. Whatever supportive, understanding and forgiving thing you would say to your friend is what you say to yourself instead of the original harsh rant. :-)
    You're right, you have to start with being kind to yourself.


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