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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rusted Grunge and if you scroll down, Beauty!

Have you done your project for Linda's Compendium of Curiosities challenge at Studio L3 yet? This week it's
Rusted Grunge.
I enjoyed this so much that I did two projects.  First, I needed some horseshoes
for a scrapbook LO about a day we spent in the country:
Can you tell they aren't real horseshoes?
Hah!  I knew you wouldn't be able to.
My second try uses a photo I took myself.
When I had it printed I thought that it was really beautiful.
(no ego here  lol)
THEN Marie's Take A Word challenge this week is
So, well, the rest is history.
Can you tell which part is the rusted grunge?
If you can't, you need to sober up.
Here's a close-up:



  1. The grunge is wonderfully done! Your art piece for this theme is simply awesome!

  2. Love your rusted grunge, your beautiful horse and your fun wit!

  3. I can't see your rusted grunge cause I'm still laughing at your freezing coffee post below...I spent the coldest winter of my life one summer in Canada. LOL

    Anyway back to grunge...great grunge is a thing of true beauty...Awesome!

  4. I love rust and grunge, so needless to say I really enjoyed your art. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your rusted grunge as well as the beauty of nature. Wonderful pieces of art.

  6. Love the beauty of nature you illustrate so well.

  7. Very well done art pieces! Love the grunge and the beautiful nature pic. Hugs xx

  8. Electra, your horseshoes are wonderful and I love that card!

  9. This is totally awesome, I LOVE it! I can never wait to see what you come up with for these challenges, it's always awesome!

  10. Those are beautiful! I have always loved the look of what I now know is called "rusted grunge". See there? You have entertained and educated me! Have a wonderful day.

  11. You proved that, yes, There IS beauty in Grunge!

  12. Had to sober up and come back for a second try. Ah, now I see it. Love your rusty grunge.


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