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Thursday, January 20, 2011


You know, when I first saw this blog, I struggled with how to pronounce the name.
"Soortful?" "Sortful"?
It wasn't until a week later that I realized it's "So-ART-Ful". 
Repeat after me:  So-Art-Ful.
This week's image and challenge are The Artful Journal .
I didn't do an artful journal, I did something else. 
 Just because sometimes I don't follow directions so well.
I made an artful statement.

So there.
The background paper is by Valerie of Sum of All Crafts.  Isn't it gorgous?
Bye, bye.


  1. You can deviate from the challenge any time that you want. Nothing is cut in stone at Soartful. This is a gorgeous piece. What a feast for the eye.

  2. I love your interpretation! fab layout! Mx

  3. I love it when directions are not followed! It allows so much open creativity and I love yours.

  4. Love the rich colours and fabulous paper. Great piece!

  5. I love what you did with your journal Electra it is different and exquisite..I also enjoyed your post very much when you said that you don't follow directions it reminded me of a favorite quote..."A mistake isn't really a mistake it's just another way of doing things."
    I love your way of doing things...excellent work!

  6. I would have went with soart-ful. Your piece is wonderful, before I forget to mention that.
    It's kind of like Petsmart. Is it Pets Mart, or Pet Smart? You be the judge.

  7. This is a gorgeous piece. I love the way you used the challenge piece.


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