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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Gaggle of Geishas

The Poobahs at The Order of the Opus Gluei have told us we may pick a challenge from their last year and go for it. 
Woo Hoo! 
Dealer's Choice!
So I chose Make a Set from 53 weeks ago.  (I know, how weird is that?)
And the Chestnut Theme Challenge #97 at Gingersnap Creations  is
I made a SET of GEISHAS.
Wanna see?

(sorry about the quality of that one, I think I must have sneezed when I snapped the picture)
and b'cus I'm on a Japanese kick,
I want to show you a bookmark from Japan that I received in a swap. 
Cool, eh?
Lucky me.
I'm done now.  Go about your lives.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful set of geishas! Love all the variety! Thanks for playing the Geisha challenge!

  2. that is too funny that we both would pick the same one...must have skipped that challenge last year because of birthday parties for my was hard to find one that i hadn't done your sets by the way...they are awesome!

  3. Oooooo I really like these mom! They are so elegant and classy, plus the colours would go awesome in my house ;)

    Great work! <3

  4. Your geishas are divine Electra and I love your bookmark too. Penny

  5. These are fantastic! That first one is my favorite!

  6. Wonderful pieces. I love the first one...especially the parasol and back piece. So beautiful.Thanks for visiting Gingersnap Creations. gerri

  7. Oh, Electra, what a great gaggle of geishas!! They're all gorgeous!

    Sorry about the alliteration. Sometimes I can't help myself . . .

    Thank you for joining in at Gingersnap Creations!!


  8. Oh wow, Electra, these are gorgeous! And I love that umbrella too--They are fabulous!

  9. Your geishas are gorgeous, Electra!

  10. WOW. These are fabulous. So very pretty. Each one of them. And so many. Great set. Extra credit for this one. Perfect for OPUS GLUEI.

  11. OMG, these are freakin' awesome! Love them!

  12. Wow! Those are all so fantastic.

  13. Wowsers, these are all beautiful.
    The first one is stunning, looks like the geisha is walking right onto the surface. Fabulous creations.

  14. Wow, breathtaking pieces of asian art.

  15. Such a wonderful OG'er, Miss Electra, love seeing your work - especially for Opus Gluei challenges! I find it amusing that you and Deena chose the same challenge to revisit. LOL

    Love the geishas, although the third ones down seem to be giving you the stinkeye for sneezing while taking the other photo, I'm just sayin'...

  16. Oh, and don't let the linky get you down, happens to me all the time. I personally don't like Mr. Linky, Ms. Linky, or any of the Linky clan.

  17. What a beautiful collection… i love all of it...


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