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Friday, April 1, 2011

We have a storm warning tonight

How stupid is that?!?!?!?!?
It's April 1st, for crying out loud.
I'm not bitter, it just seems that way.
To say "a POX on you, Doppler Radar!" , I decided to play along with Peggy Gatto's
The truth is, I was going to go out on the highway and it's too dangerous.
Her theme this week is
And what garden would that be, I wonder?  It kind of sounds like "Go towards the light!".
OK, I'm losing it.
The background paper is by Shalae Tippitts, two coloured birds are by Syndee Nuckles, the top bird is by Laurie Anderson, flowers are by L. Brewster, hats by Holliewood, Fiddlette Designs and Jacelen Deineman, unknown tags, Kim Klassen texutre, unknown snowflake brushes, my own house.
Well, not MY OWN HOUSE exactly, my own PHOTOGRAPH of a house. 
A birdhouse, to be exact.
with snow on it.
In the garden.
Geez, Lousie.

and Peggy, I in no way blame you for this nonsense.
I like you.
Stay warm, friends.


  1. LOVE this piece. It's so happy.

    I am so sorry that you are getting snow. Uck!!!

  2. Fantastic piece, Electra! How the heck can you cut your grass with snow on it :)

  3. Awesome, and you better keep the winter clothes out.

  4. it's coming to an's coming to an's coming to an end...just don't send it our way! we have sunshine here today for the first time in a while....need to get some weekend vitamin D before we start back at the work dungeon....

  5. Oh this is so fun! I love the absolute uniqueness as well.

  6. What a fancifull garden! hope things warm up soon
    hugs Lynn

  7. You always make me smile!!!
    I hate to say we had dinner out in the patio , 70 degrees. The first time I can remember that in March!
    Wishing you sunny days and thanks for "brightening" up this challenge.
    thanks for playing and making it more fun!!!


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