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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peggy Paints Spring

Peggy Gatto has a way with photos.  Yes indeedy, she most certainly does.  She has a challenge site called Friday Foto Collage,
in case you didn't already know that and I make a point of visiting to see what she's got to offer each week.  This week, she provided a photo of her garden, and she then altered it in her unique way. 
Isn't that pretty?  I can't do that.
I took her art and made it into something totally different.
Not that I didn't love it the way it was.
But it's a CHALLENGE.
I wish I had the darn thing in front of me, cus for the life of me, I don't remember all the steps I went through to make it what it ended up as.  I do know that the lovely girl is a Suzy Blu stamp. 
A WONDERFUL Susy Blu stamp.  The ATC is already winging it's way across the ocean.
It started out as Peggy's background though.  Honest.
That's a true story. 


  1. This is wonderful - I want your creativity. You have a marvelous eye for color and composition. Send me some of this crafty mojo, please. Thank you for the kind words about my dresses for the art deco challenge (honest)(btw, there was an evening dress, I just forgot to upload it - LOL). See, I really need the help!

  2. Oh, I love what you created!!!!
    It goes together!!!
    Thanks for your support and especially your art!!!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love what you did with that background.

  4. Beautiful painting and the ATC is just so cute !

  5. Love your ATC. It's very cool. I'll have to check out the wonderful Peggy's challenge. I love digi and am getting more into it these days.


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