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Friday, April 22, 2011

What's in your Wallet?

The Opus Gluei chicks (I use that term, cus it's Easter.  Get it, EASTER Chicks?) are having their 98th challenge and this week 
they have asked us to dump all the crap things that are in our purses.
I'm so glad I'm too old for tampons anymore.
I just bought this honkin' big wallet at Wallymart that takes up almost my whole entire purse, so there isn't a lot of room for anything else, frankly, but my change purse caught my eye.
 It's sparkly-gold.  And it inspired me to get my rear in great and commit to completing the scrapbook pages of the ZOO-LIGHTS Christmas show that we have every year here in December.
I know, it is no longer winter,  Unless you live here, that is, but that's another post.
These pics have been sitting around taunting me, cus every piece of paper sucked when I tried to put them all together and it just frustrated me.  So I kept giving up and putting them away.
And thanks to the Order of the Opus Gluei
I was inspired to get them done, no matter what.  And I did. Hah!
Big pat on my own back!
Here's the first one that got me started.  Remember my little gold change purse?
 OK, that's the first.  I did them all and I figure, since I did you all, you can see them all.  But if you have a flight to catch at the airport, you had better come back later,  Cus there are a few.

You can't really see it very well, but the white words on the last one are covered with glitter.
Can't have snow LO's without glitter. I'm pretty sure it's the thirteenth commandment.
And lastly {is anyone there?}
Tell the Poobahs I said HI!
You'll find them hanging out at 
I do hope you'll go see them.  They'll give you a cup of tea. And maybe a cookie if you're good.
Merry Christmas!!!
no.  wait
Happy Almost Easter!!


  1. WOW! that is a ton of pages! makes me want to get my arse in gear and get wait...20 people for dinner tonight...must go get the turkey going...but what is a couple more minutes?

  2. All that from your handbag?!!
    They are all gorgeous but my favs are the first two, probably because they are the shiniest not that I'm a shiny *@%** at all :-)
    That's 7 down of the 50+, way to go!

  3. Wow! Of course, you know I love the moose. But they are all fantastic!

  4. Aw, this is marvelous - I loved you sharing your layouts (Jana is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos, right up her alley). I am so happy that you found inspiration from your shiny, pretty gold changepurse - that's what we're looking for - that jumping off point of inspiration from unlikely places! PERFECT! (you may always have a cup of tea and biscuit with us, no matter WHAT).

    Thank you so much for your OG submission this week! MWAH and a big hug!

  5. Lol...I don't miss carrying those things around either. Your images are wonderful and filled with such beautiful pictures of Christmas lights. I really love them. Also, your administrative assistant is ADORABLE!


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