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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fill In

1. Getting away _from it all_.
2. _Nachos are the perfect way_ to start your day off right.
3. Coffee, tea or _a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice?_.
4. _Patience_ in place of _impatience_.
5. The lights _are on, but nobody's home_.
6. _The toucan of_ happiness.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _a road trip_, tomorrow my plans include _a Christmas Card workshop_ and Sunday, I want to _clean my house before my
company shows up for dinner.


  1. You're going south aren't you? Oh, I hope you have a fun weekend! A Christmas card workshop sounds like a lot of fun.

    Hope you get to do it all and that you have fun at the same time!

  2. A Christmas Card workshop :) That sounds interesting! (Found your blog from Friday Fill-Ins)

  3. After number 5, I think I'll write this in the dark..... I like my nachos for dinner but I could do breakfast if it was late enough. Hope you have the weekend you've planned. Enjoy!!

  4. Gosh, I can't take a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice. I don't know why. The Christmas card workshop sounds interesting. My fill-ins are here.


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