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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

1. I remember when I first heard _about computers and I said,
"I'll never get one"_.
2. _The drywall came_ showering down _when the car hit the house_.
3. Most humans _are compassionate, but sometimes it's drowned out by fear_.
4. _BURP!_...sound familiar?
5. I was inspired by _a design class I took in Home Economics at University many many years ago_.
6. _I last saw it_ who knows where!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _spending some time with friends_, tomorrow my plans include _socializing_ and Sunday, I want to _party, then _relax the rest of the day_!

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  1. sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend

  2. lol! That pic is too funny! A party sounds great, have a drink for me!

  3. ha ha ha you always know how to have me spluttering over my keyboard!!
    have a great weekend me lovely :D
    Chris xx

  4. Almost forgot to fill-in this week.... got to get my life back. I remember thinking computers would be a passing fad, til I got my first one with its supersized 20kB hard drive (and Word Perfect)!! However did I cope?

  5. PS.... find a friend on ShutterCal.

  6. Okay. I didn't read yours. I haven't done them yet, (I know a week has almost past already.) and I don't want your answers to influence mine. Cuz I am easily swayed to the dark side and you are a really fun influence on me.


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