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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A slightly blurry image of a piece I'm working on for myself.  No challenge, just for me.
What's On YOUR Workdesk today?
Go visit Julia and show us all!

OK, I have to respond to the comments about the oven rack, which never even occurred to me that it would be worthy of comment.
I paint stuff or spray stuff
and put them on the wire racks to drip dry.
I though everyone did that.
Apparently not.
Just another example of my non-conformist nature, I guess.
You mean to say they're for BAKING?
well, who knew?
tee hee


  1. Hmmm...looks interesting! Have fun, and happy WOYWW!

  2. Can't wait to see what this becomes....

  3. OOOhhh, whatcha doing? Like the fabric under the frame...and I like the idea of using my oven rack for anything other than oven work!!

  4. Lovely bright colours but what are you up to with the oven rack. Are you going to cook up a little number!!! Hugs Mrs A. #98

  5. ohooo it all looks good to me! I usually put things on smaller thing when I spray..of course the smaller things get sprayed too but then sometimes they end up looking better that the thing I sprayed! Happy WoYwW

  6. LOL! You're right, who bakes? Have to use them for something! Great idea, though.

  7. Great project- much better use for oven racks!

  8. interesting project. Love the bright fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the finished frame. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46


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