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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girlie Things

I like pink.
I like girlie things.
I also think that girlie things can be anything.
I drive a black and orange 4WD Harley truck with running boards and PIAA Lights.
So there.
I had a bunch more to say tonight, but I wrote it all out and then Blogger sent it to
(Has Blogger got a drinking problem or what???)
And it is WAY too late to redo it all.

Like her wings?
 I made them out of fusible fibers, ironed between two sheets of parchment.
The little girl is by Lisa's Altered Art and the stamps are from Tim Holtz and Inkadinkadoo.
The rest are from my stash
and a wonderful pink matchbox full of pink deliciousness that appeared in my mailbox today.

The Order of the Opus Gluei is the place to be this week if you're feeling girlie.
And it can be ornage or black or pink or any colour you want.
Have fun with it!


  1. this is great...and super girlie...i like girlie too...actually love it...but that's just me!

  2. This is an absolutely lovely tag! Beautiful!

  3. You're a renaissance girl - with your bad a$$ vehicle to your love of pink and you wouldn't be you any other way (and we wouldn't want you to be). This is so cute (love how you've embellished the little lady) and your use of the goodies, glad you liked 'em.

  4. Love your truck. That IS very girlie to me. My mom cried one year when I asked for a tool box for Christmas. I GET IT.

    Oh, yeah, your tag is really cute. LOVE those wings. So pink and girlie. Sweet even.

  5. Yep, this is awesome... and girlie. Love the wings. I'm pretty sure your truck is girlie, as is my stainless brush guard.

  6. Coming from someone who drives a black car adorned with Blues Bros. graphics (courtesy of the talented son)... I think black and orange is downright FLIPPANT!! I mean really, orange??? Love the wings, love the whole pink thing you've done here.....just glad one of us could!

  7. This is absolutely magical and girlie is anything we want it to be! It's all a chick thing. ;-)

  8. Beautiful pinkness!
    I especially love those wings :-)
    I'm glad I missed bloggers programming badness that seemed to go on for a week from what I've read and I'm sorry you lost a chapter of Electra thoughts and funniness...bad blogspot bad google.


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