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Friday, June 24, 2011

Woot Woot!

I am so excited to share some VERY BEEG (as Ed Sullivan used to say) news with you all today.
You've heard me speak of the illustrious Poobahs over at The Order of the Opus Gluei often, right?
(heads nod)
I lurves their blog.
So much fun, it really should be illegal.
I've been asked to be an honourary poobah!  Fledgling, really is a better word.
Isn't that just the
See me beside me?

Not just me, mind you, but some very talented Glueites that
I always get a whole bunch of inspiration from.

And that's not the best news.
Although that too is pretty darn cool!

For our very first challenge we are partnering with the
You HAVE TO check these ladies out.
They have come up with the brilliant idea to make one Christmas Card a week until Christmas and by then you would have, um, let's see,
takes her shoes off
52!  Christmas cards all ready to mail!

If you're a bit of a loner like me, that would last you 6 years!
Good deal!

But that's not all.

The Challenge at
is to make a card and a tag.

Not too complicated.
I did it.  So can you.
Here's my card

and here's my tag

I had this lovely pink wintery paper that I got in
Whitefish, Montana last year, by Paper's Best
A couple of Tim Holtz Stickers,
Some bird stamps from Mikey's that I embossed in silver. And that was REALLY hard to photograph.  But it's very pretty.

Ribbon from my stash and Class-o-Peel sentiments from my Christmas bucket.
Strips of silver paper that I think I may have bought in Thailand 6 years ago
no, I don't hold onto stuff, why are you asking?
and some buttons and pine branches that
arrived from some Poobahs who shall remain nameless last Christmas.
It seemed only right.
The frames are digital, by diannerigdondesigns

Are you still with me?

WELL, the BIGGEST news is yet to come!!

Yes, boys and girls, there are two, count en, two giveaways happening to celebrate this momentous occaision
at least it's pretty momentous to us.

Come on, join us, meet the other pooblettes, say hi,
make something and maybe win some Christmas goodies.
And best of all, you'll have a Christmas card made. 
Today is exactly six months from Christmas Eve.
Well, you would want to send out your card before then,
ESPECIALLY if the Canadian Postal strike is still on.
If it is, I am going on record that I WILL get a dogsled team
and go out and find my swaps that are lost in mail hell somewhere.
I will too so!
You just watch me!

Anyways, I really hope you'll come. You know me, I wouldn't do something if it weren't fun. 
And all of these ladies away beyond fun.  I hope you stop by and make a card with us.
and a tag.
And lots more in the coming months.


  1. congras Electre those guys know talent when they ss it ... and christmas and tag super....

  2. Congratulations! A big WOOT WOOT! lol! That's awesome news! And you will be a fantastic addition to an already GREAT team!
    p.s. love your card and tag!

  3. these cards/tags are awesome! love the snowy details on the branches...

  4. Oh, Electra, you make me laugh until my sides hurt (and I had surgery so my side already hurt - LOL). WE love you too, your creativity and humor have inspired and made us laugh happily the entire way!

    I look forward to working with you, Pooblette? LMAO at that one.

    You're not fledgling, you got gilded horns, baby!

    I love your card and your tag - it is soooo difficult to get the metallic to show but not get too much glare - I'm no photographer (as if my efforts didn't make THAT clear) - but you did great here.

  5. A huge congrats to you, Electra! I am so excited for you and wow! The Christmas card idea is wonderful.

  6. Big congrats !! Your tags are so very artistic that the recipients are sure to cherish them

  7. congrats on your well-deserved honor, your poobahletteness!!! :) :) :) and congrats to rosemary and jana on their EXCELLENT taste!!!

    as for the xmas goodies ♥WOW♥ what a gorgeous tag and card, someone will be one VERY lucky mail-recipient in december! LOVE it!!! ♥

  8. Christmas Bucket ... I love the sound of that ... are there little elves in there that help you put these beauties together?? I am lovin' that pink paper and all of the fun details ... so glad you joined us this week at Jingle Belles.

  9. Fabulous card and tag, I'm so glad the poobahs have got you making cards!
    Woot woot indeed!

  10. you have chosen such gorgeous papers. love the set.

  11. What a wonderful combination of all those fun details. Love the little birds!


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