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Friday, January 27, 2012

I've spent the past couple of days unable to post or do anything with my blog.  Did I mention I hate Blogger?
Well, I do.
I finally installed Firefox, that seems to have fixed the problem.
Touch wood.


  1. according to their help site they are blasting out wonderful upgrades...not sure how those upgrades are wonderful...they all seem to suck on my blog..just messing up the pictures, the comments, the blog roll and everything else that I finally had figured out how to work...upgrades my ass....

  2. Pretty much all of the Google upgrades recently - blogger included - are NOT COMPATIBLE with Internet Explorer. And why would that be, you ask? Probably to get more people to install Google Chrome!

    I myself have been running Google Chrome as my go-to browser for a long time now, and thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. I've installed Google Chrome five times now and uninstalled it and reinstalled it....still won't work for me. Even though it's there in my programs and on my desktop, blogger insists I need to install it.


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