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Sunday, January 29, 2012


no, not me, silly.
That's this week's theme at 
I made this first:
  and then thought to myself, "That's really quite irreverent."

so I then made this:

when I discovered this STUNNING image of the woman by Ginny Ciszek.
Here crown was googled, the rest of the elements are by
Amanda Fraijo-Tobin, Syndee Nuckles, Kim Jensen, Amanda Sok and Kristen Aagard.
Check it out!
My apologies to Queen Elizabeth.


  1. The words "irreverent about royalty" and Australians go together!! I think it makes THEM more human anyway. I just love your two pictures, one very funny with a grain of truth. I'm sure there are millions of young ladies out there who felt they could be the perfect partner for William. The second piece is exquisite in every way. Gorgeous artwork. A standing ovation from me.

  2. I'm standing right alongside Marie! I love irreverence, and the second piece is just lovely!

  3. Howdy amanada,
    Quite loveley REGAL ladies you made there.

    Can you please send me the links for elements by
    Amanda Fraijo-Tobin, Syndee Nuckles, Kim Jensen, Amanda Sok and Kristen Aagard?

    Would love for you to visit my blog when you have a moment or 2!

  4. Can't agree with Marie's first statement as being a sweep for all Australians. I like both images. Great work.

  5. Love them both, Electra, especially the irreverent one!

  6. Terrific Artwork. Love the background on your second artpiece...fabulous.

  7. I love them both, but If I had to make a choice... the first one!

  8. I had a great laugh with the first one but the second one is just exquisite! Beautiful pics both! xx

  9. I just LOVE irreverence, Electra. Absolutely gorgeous, both.

  10. Brazilians are irreverent by nature and our royalty lost their crown long ago, so I loved it.
    The second one amazed me by the richness of the composition.

  11. Well Electra I just love them both Funny and beautiful your collage work is fabulous!

  12. These are both magnificent! The first one gave me a chuckle and the second one is just stunning.

  13. I think both are fantastic! I really do love the colors on the second one, though.


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