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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Still Life

I'm still having a lovely day playing on the computer/playing with real live scrapbook supplies.
My puter is on one side of my studio and my workdesk is on the other. 
So I just sit at the puter until I get achy and then get up and do something different and then come back to the puter.
Anyway, it's a pretty much perfect day, in my view.
I made a piece for
Their theme is
I can't even BEGIN to tell you how many steps were involved in making this.
If you want to know, call me, I will give you my address and we'll have coffee.
Bring your PJ's.

All elements used are by Amanda Sok, Cajoline and Becca.


  1. A very interesting take on the principle of still life, thanks for joining in on the challenge. I can image the layers. Cheers

  2. Oh so much to see, Electra! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh! WOW! This is gorgeous. I love all the textures you have here. I'll join you for a cuppa at the Pause Cafe. And bring my PJ's just in case.

  4. Happy New Year!!!
    Thank you so much for leaving your sweet comment on my blog. You made my blush :). Just browsed your blog and WOW you make awesome stuff. I'll place you on my blogroll to keep track of your gorgeous designs.

  5. I forgot to mention that I love your new blog design! xo

  6. Clever! I like the texture work and the duplication of the clock faces. Very nice interpretation of the challenge.


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